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    Penny's Awards

~ September 13, 2003 ~
Penny ears her Temperament Testing (TT) title by
passing the TT test in Bourbonnais, IL

~ April 23, 2003 ~
Penny graduates Advanced class with a score of 154 1/2 out of 200!

This was judged just like a trial, so we need to bring our score
up. But it was a good score to pass the class. We need to work on the
recall and we will be good to go!
We are going to continue into the advanced class again, while we are
getting ready to start match trials and regular trials!
We are very excited!!!

~ February 28, 2003 ~

Penny graduates Beginners Advanced class with a
score of 187/200!!!!

Penny will now move up to Advanced training!

Check back often to see how she is doing as she
prepares for her CD title!


Penny completes her Canine Good Citizen test on
June 10, 2001!
Way to go Penny!!!

~ March 13, 2001 ~

Penny graduates from Beginners class with a first place!!!

Way to go Penny!

We are very proud of Penny and all her achievements!

  ~ January 9, 2001 ~

    Penny graduates from Puppy Kindergarten!

    Way to go Penny!!! Penny also placed 3rd in her class!

With a score of 177 out of 200!

Congratulations Penny!!!




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