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Le Pins Roadside Assistance

Le Pins Roadside Assistance




Roadie 6 mo. old
Roadie is pictured above finishing her UKC Championship at 6 1/2 mo. old!

Jennifer Cathey and Laurie Smith as co-breeders & co-owners
are proud to introduce.....

At almost 8 months of age, Roadie stands at 11 inches tall.
Roadie is any breeder's dream come true.
Not only is she is a wonderful companion, who has never met a stranger,
she is one outstanding show dog!
She has quality, presence, and movement that will take your breathe away!
When she walks into the ring she demands that everyone Stop,
and take notice of her.
And boy have they!
4 weekends out at the shows, and she is making heads turn.
It won't be long before this little beauty finishes, she has 8 points to date, including one of her majors.
- Which was won by taking BOB over specials!

Roadie speaks for herself with quality and personality,
but we'll let you be the judge....

Watch for Roadie in a ring near you,
She'll be "Towing away the competition" this fall in the mid-west.

Roadie's AKC Wins To Date:

Show Name Location Date Judge Wins Points Earned
Danville IL KC Georgetown, IL 9/04/05 Charles Trotter WB/BOW 1 point
Central Indiana KC Lebanon, IN 9/17/05 Joe Tacker WB/BOS 2 points
Greater Lafayette KC Lebanon, IN 9/18/05 Lena Wiseman Reserve WB none
KC of Columbus, IN Columbus, IN 09/24/05 Virginia Lyne WB/BOS 2 points
Hoosier KC Indianapolis, IN 10/02/05 Betsey Leedy WB/BOW/BOB 3 pt major(11)
  Total Points 8 points(11)


Roadie's UKC Wins To Date:

Show & Show # Date Judge Wins Points BOB pts
Trail Creek DTC - S#1 08/20/05 Maude Tank Best Female 25(comp) none
Trail Creek DTC - S#2 08/20/05 John Davidson Best Female 25(comp) none
Trail Creek DTC - S#1 08/21/05 Richard Klatt Best Female 25(comp) none
Trail Creek DTC - S#2 08/21/05 Sandra Sauceda Reserve Female 10 none
United W. Shepherd Club - S#1 09/10/05 Pamela Moore Best Female 25(comp) none
  Total Points 110(4comp) 0
UKC CH Le Pins Roadside Assistance " Champion Class"
Show & Show # Date Judge Wins BOB pts
United W. Shepherd Club - S#2 09/10/05 Tina Augustine Reserve Champion none
United W. Shepherd Club - S#1 09/11/05 Jeanne Heger Reserve Champion none
United W. Shepherd Club - S#2 09/11/05 Gene Reynolds CH of Champions none
  Total Breed pts 0

Laurie's note to Captain:
Well kid-o your kids are growing up and doing well,
I just have one question though.....
If they start swinging from the ceiling fan, is that genetic? ;-)
~love, Your Hoosier Granny~

Roadie's note to Captain:
Dad, why does mom keep telling me I act like your other kids?
I have no idea what she's talking about...
~luv, Roadie~



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