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On this page we will highlight our pin kids that have gone on to their new homes.
Anytime we place a pin kid, their new family becomes our new family. So we make very sure they are placed in the hands of loving and caring new owners.
You will see thru out this page... we think we did a great job, it obvious they are very loved!

Le Pins Crème Brulee
Also known as Bru





Cruz'N Le Pin By Storm
Also known as Cruzer


Cruzer now lives with his new parents,
 Jim and Eileen Wayte, in Hobart, IN.
Jim & Eileen show horses and Dobes.
 They loved the spunky attitude that minpins have and wanted a smaller dog for a family pet. Cruzer has taken their home and their Dobes by storm, and we couldn't be happier!

Le Pins Mise En Place
Now known as Maggie

Maggie, formally Mazie, now lives with her new family, Jimmy, Patricia, and Saffron in Portage, IN.
Saffron and Maggie have become the best of friends, and they sure know how to keep Patricia on her toes!
We look forward to hearing all the fun stories that these two will have!


Le Pins N'That Kinda Angel
known as Mikey (Michael)

Mikey is now living with the Golwitzer family in Valparaiso, IN. Look for Mikey's new "do" as he just had his ears cropped. We will be updating his section soon.

Le Pins Naughty Angel
known as Gabbers, now Gabby

Gabbers is now living with Nathaniel and Vida Lineberry in Valparaiso, IN. They just can't get enough of this girl!
She is going to live up to that naughty angel title, I have a feeling she is going to be one spoiled little girl!
More updates to come soon!

Le Pins TalkN' To Angels
known as Abby

(picture coming soon)

Abby now lives with her new mom Charla DeProw in Fairmont City, IL
Where she will live the life of a loved and pampered Pet.
Thank you Charla for loving this girl as much as we have!

CLICK HERE to see Abby's Page

King's Shiney Copper Penny CGC TT
UKC CH Le Pins French Fried Kiss
also known as Penny and Kissy.

Penny and Kissy now reside with Mark and Jennifer Kaiser near Naperville, IL.
When coming to look at one of the girls, Mark and Jen fell in love with both girls!
How could we split up this mother and daughter team?
A sincere THANK YOU to Mark and Jen for loving the girls as much as I do. It takes special people to give so much love to Penny and Kissy, who have been so close to my heart for so long!
Click here for Penny's page

Click here for Kissy's page



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