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Mazie,Bru, Kissy    Mazie,Kissy,Bru      Cruzer


Cruzer    Abby, Mikey, Gabbers    Abby

Mikey    Gabbers    Take That!

These pictures are puppies of the past, they are not available.
Most likely they are some of our current kids showing!
If interested in adding a puppy to your home please read below:

Puppy Inquiry

Our puppies were carefully planned to be brought into this world.
Regardless if they grow into Show or Pet Quality, all are considered family members
 through out the rest of their lives. We take great pride in making sure each puppy
 thrives and grows as they should, and growing into their own personalities.

Pricing: Puppies are priced according to quality, being Pet or Show Quality.
**note**Due to the HIGH volume of emails I receive asking "How much are your puppies?" I will no longer be answering these types of emails. If you are SERIOUS about a puppy, then fill out the questionnaire or call us. IF you are a wonderful home that checks out, I will work with new owners on this issue. Find out about us, before putting a price tag on a life.
Please understand we breed only once or twice a year, but we if you are truly interested in adding a Min Pin to your home please fill out the New Owner Questionnaire . We may not have what you are looking for at the time, but we may know another reputable breeder that does!
Remember that from time to time we may also have: Older Puppies, Young Adults, or Older Adults available for adoption. They deserve great homes too, not just puppies!

Obvious Pet puppies are left natural eared - due to expense and travel, unless the new family members would like to have their puppy cropped. If this is their wish, we will assist in helping to make arrangements with our vet, at the new owners expense. We are also here for advice regarding questions to cropping or any other matter.

Pet Quality puppies will be placed with Limited Registration, meaning the puppy is not allowed to be bred or be shown in conformation events. The puppy however is allowed to be shown in other sports, such as obedience, agility, and fly ball. Pet puppies will be placed with a spay/neuter contract, stating that the puppy should be sexually altered prior to six months of age, or will already be altered prior to leaving here. Upon altering, a sign vet certificate shall be sent to the breeder to verify that the pup was altered. When we receive this, all registration papers will be then sent by mail to the new owners.

Show quality puppies will be placed with a Co-ownership until puppy finishes it's AKC Championship, when we will then remove the co-ownership, unless otherwise specified in a show contract. We will only place a show quality pup with full rights to those who are experienced exhibitors, and a individual that will provide all requested references. Inexperienced exhibitors new to the ring, are also welcome to apply for a show quality pup, but must understand our concerns with new comers in the ring. We may request that we handle your new puppy in the ring until you gain enough experience to do so yourself.

Shipping: We only ship to approved homes, by means of ground transport. We prefer not to fly young puppies or dogs.

Age: No puppy will leave here prior to the age of 10 weeks old!
In some cases we can tell a puppy is not show quality and may leave at this age, others may stay on longer for further evaluation.

Health Care: All puppies will be currently up to date on shots (DHPPC), worming, and are vet checked. We do not recommend giving shots that contain LEPTO, due to bad reactions in dogs that has been documented.
*Puppies/dogs, are to be vet checked by owners with in 72 hours of receiving puppy to make sure that puppy is in good health, if found other wise, upon the findings of our vet, we will replace puppy/dog for one of equal quality.

Deposit: We require a deposit to hold a puppy for new owners, and if you wish to have us crop ears (pet quality puppies) by our vet prior to puppy coming home to new owners, we require cropping costs up front.
Balance to be due prior to puppy leaving for their new home.

If you are interested in finding a show or pet quality dog, you may contact us, or please complete the "New Owner Questionnaire" and send it to us. We will respond as quickly as possible.
Thank you,
Laurie Smith
Le Pin Miniature Pinschers


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