News Flash!!!!

NEWS FLASH!!!!....We have a few Pin kids looking for good homes! Check out the Available pages, or please contact us!!!!.................News Flash!!!!...........Le Pins Roadside Assistance is towing away the competition in the mid-west, 4 weekends out and she is knocking down the door to her Championship!!!! ...........Le Pins Slipery When Wet is not far behind her sister, stay tuned as these girls demand to be noticed!!!..........Sorita's Verbal Warning isn't doing too bad himself, he is now singled out just looking for majors to finish his Championship!!! Way to go!!!!!

This site is dedicated to wonderful memories of Kryket...
AKC/UKC CH Von Pinschs Kryket Fort' King CGC TT
You lit the world on fire and burned a hole in the heart of all those you met.

Kissy (left) taking BOW & Kryket ( right) going BOB under Beverly Lehnig
April 27, 2003 Sandemac KC Decatur, IL

We at Le Pin are dedicated to the Miniature Pinscher breed.
We are striving to make sure that we are showing and
breeding sound, healthy dogs to better the breed
 and to follow the standards set by the
 American Kennel Club.

As new members of the MPCA,
we follow the code of ethics put forth by the
Miniature Pinscher Club of America.
We are members of the Dunes Dog Training Club,
as well as the Steel City Kennel Club.

We breed for ourselves and never for profit.

All of our Miniature Pinschers are thought of as family members,
they live in our home and share their lives with us.
Our minpins are our companions first and our show dogs second.
Nothing can replace the love they share with us.

We do not believe in a Kennel situation.
Our Miniature Pinschers have free
range of our home,  and are only crated for their own
safety when needed.

So kick off your shoes and have a look around,
Watch where you step though,
You never know when a minpin will get under your feet!!!

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and that you come back

and visit often.

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