Fainting Couch...

Here is a sweet picture the photographer took of Kissy.

Please do not copy these pictures.

They are strictly protected by the
artist and myself. Thank you.

One of my favorites...

This is one of my all time favorites
of Kissy. This girl is sweet and fun
and it's written all over her face in this picture.

Please do not copy these pictures as

they are copyrighted. Thank you.

Strike a pose

We had her pictures taken at the show in

Bloomington, IL on May24 and 25th.

The Photographer was brilliant,

so it's only fair we give them credit.

Taken on 8/21/03

Taken on 8/21/03

Louisville, KY

Here Kissy is showing in the Bred By Exhibitor class in Louisville, KY.

She took a first in her class that weekend.

At almost 5 months old...

She showed great promise.

Look at that rear end drive,

and the reach on this girl.

Another moving shot.

This one displays her elegance...

Just look at her go.

Kissy learning the ropes

Here she is training for her big day.

Kissy at 5 weeks old

Her first debut

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